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TKH Productions specializes in Marketing, PR and Media Consulting in addition to full service video and TV production.

Todd Hansen is an Emmy Award winning reality TV host and producer and a featured speaker to corporate events, youth groups and church groups.

Hansen, president of TKH, is the creator, producer and host of the Emmy Award winning reality TV show The Story Trek reaching 60 million households across the country on BYUtv.

In the show Todd randomly gets sent around the country and knocks on doors until the first person agrees to be on The Story Trek.  Todd then interviews them and features their story in the show.  Each show features 3-5 different stories.  Todd is proving that it doesn't matter who you are or where you live--you have a compelling story to tell.  The positive response to the show has been overwhelming. People from across the world email Todd to let him know of the positive impact The Story Trek has had in their lives.  Todd recently received an Emmy Award as producer and host of The Story Trek.

Todd Hansen Emmy Award Winner

Prior to The Story Trek, Todd produced a reality show entitled HomeTeam, featuring former NBC Apprentice finalist Troy McClain as host.

Todd's career started in news reporting and anchoring.  He spent the majority of his time anchoring and reporting at Fox 13 News (KSTU) in Salt Lake City, where he won numerous awards, including an Emmy Award.  Todd's weekly franchise segment entitled Trippin' with Todd is the predecessor to The Story Trek.

The Story Trek airs Mondays at 8pm and 11pm ET on BYUtv.  It is carried across the U.S. on Dish and DirecTV and more than 600 cable systems as well as ROKU.  Check your local listings.

TKH Productions is currently in production of the fifth season of The Story Trek.

Below is a trailer for the 1st season of the show and a link to all episodes.




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